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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

This started with a long car journey. Somehow we ended back at our property. It looked different than it is in real-life. A girl I went to high school with was there with her husband and two kids. Kind of a party was going on. Sitting at a long picnic table. She tells me her one son can't walk and it was Verizon's fault. It was Something to do with the wrong plan and they could not find a lawyer. Our neighbor is one, so I introduced them. My neighbor was being tough on them. Trying to make the boy walk. He kept saying Verizon’s lawyers need to know you are trying. The Dad and my neighbor scuffle, and a plastic bag falls on the boy’s head.

They both look at each other and start ripping the bag off from the boy’s head. It worked, he could breathe again. My neighbor grabbed the boy, threw him in the water. He struggled for two seconds, and wham he swam like a fish. The parents were happy.

My neighbor was in a car with some other lawyers. They kind of looked like they were from Black Panthers, the movie. He was explaining the history of why the parents were right. We ended up at a guest house in the woods.

There was a glass top stove, a bar, and nice bar top table. Me and a guy from work were there. I had made some chicken, kind of like Chinese food, two days earlier. He asked if he could have some, so we started eating. He walked to close to the woods near the house. There was a pack of dog looking creatures down a hill in the woods. They started running up toward the house and we kept eating chicken. The leader dog got behind our table. A piece of chicken fell back there. He wouldn't come out. There was a huge strange looking bug crawling around. I kept trying to get the dog to get it.

I needed to find a way to call the girl I asked to prom, and cancelled a week before the dance. I wanted to find if she was still mad. We had a 1920s phone so I tried dialing many different numbers. Then some group attacked us. I only had two bullets. We looked outside, eight were dead floating in the pool. Nobody could figure out how I made the shot.

Illustrated by:

Alessandra Imperio - Italy


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