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I went to the bowling alley and my former bank manager was there. She had her three kids and husband with her. We were having a party, so we started to bowl. We went to pick out our bowling ball and there was lotto tickets in the thumb holes. I grabbed my ball and my ticket. I scratched off the ticket, and it read credit 26. I went to throw my first bowling ball and I looked like Jesper Svensson doing a two step down the lane. I threw it two handed and was dancing down the approach. I knocked ten down and came back to sit at the table.

All her kids went up to throw and were knocking pins down too and having fun. A tall guy came up and started bothering us. He was a tad over weight, but that did not stop me from pushing him. He sat back down and left everyone alone. As he sat down we all decided to leave. We hugged and went to our cars.

Our cars were inside the bowling alley. We sat down at the tables, and chairs that were available. They started up just like a car and we drove out into the parking lot with the tables.

Once I was there I appeared in the backroom of my basement. It is full down there, so I started tinkering with an old map of the world. The door opened and Angela Bower walked in. We talked for a couple seconds and she went out of the basement door, and sounded like she went upstairs. I went over and sat on the bed while I waited for her to come back down.

She came back in the door with six old school plastic pin ball machines. Each one had a super hero painted in the background. They were all pretty hazy, however when I shuffled through to the third hand pin ball the colors were vivid. It was Aquaman from the 80s cartoon. The orange and green on this plastic pinball were immaculate, no scratches. I set the pinball toys aside and under them all was a classic Coleco Ms. Pacman game.


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