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My Grandpa, father, and myself were traveling down the road and decided to stop off in this hotel. We could not get to the hotel because there was a wide strip of snow separating the road and parking lot. We had to plow it out with the snow blower. The snow blower extended to each side of the sidewalk, so one pass and we could walk up the trail to the hotel. One spot on the sidewalk wouldn’t clear properly. Only half of the sidewalk ended up clearing. We didn't know what happened so we had to tight rope walk to get passed that section since it was not properly cleared off.

Once we were passed the snow it was paradise. We entered the tiki hut and went to the restaurant area. We sat at a table and wanted to order food. They only served one entree for everyone that day. The entrée of the day was steak. My dad, grandpa and myself loved that choice. I noticed hallway separating two sections of the dining area.

I walked down the hallway, and there was an old saloon swing style door. This door separates two different dining sections of the restaurant. Through the door there were two ladies eating their steak. They were trying to convince me to over season our food. If everyone didn't like the seasoning the hotel would give us a new dinner choice. They thought the steak was bland and didn't like it. I walked back through the door to our side of the restaurant.

Once I sat down my dad took a bite of his steak and said he really liked it. The ladies heard that and were not happy, because they wanted to have a new dinner. I looked

over at another table and saw a guy eating his steak. Next to him was a tupperware bowl of Salsa. It was hot Salsa, and the guy eating his steak, was Sugar Ray Leonard. We all talked boxing a little bit, and my Grandpa mentioned Sugar Ray Robinson.

We were done eating and went to get in the car. Once we were in the car we started driving. We looked off in the woods and the electric company was building a large generator. It was being built pretty quick, like at the pace of a video game. We kept driving and saw two tall tower's coming out of the woods. We called these the power transfer tower, since they shot the electricity out to the houses.


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