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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

I am out in a field, with a pop up tent. We have some tables under the tent and my boss, and another guy I work with are there. We are talking about security we can implement to make the environment safer.

One lady walks up to us and starts talking. She is complaining about working in the corner by herself, when she thinks she can get more done being able to work closer to the team. She keeps saying she likes it in the corner, but should move out

with her team. I let her know she needs to go back to her desk and create a pros and cons list. Then when the list is fully done we can try fixing as many cons on the list to help her feel better.

Out of the blue Chris Jericho comes out. He is wearing a grill that has vampire teeth on the lower part of his mouth. He starts talking to us all and he gets attacked by Kenny Omega. They are fighting near a larger tent further down the field. I feel like

I need to help them escape. I run over to where they are fighting. They are near a large trailer now and I have my truck. The trailer has white shrink wrap around it that people use to cover their boats in the winter time. Some of it is ripped open so you can see the action inside the trailer. They continue to fight as I back the truck into place to hook the trailer up. As I hook the trailer up, the shrink wrap falls off and now everyone is exposed. They jump out of the ring and run up to the truck and tell me to hurry up.

Illustrated by:

Divine Favour - Nigeria


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