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I was at the entrance of one of the Home Depot aisles. I was unpacking pallets of items, however I didn't work there. I was helping out, but I definitely was not an employee. I was there to buy a fertilizer spreader. Merchandise was scattered up and down the entire aisle. The card board shipping shells were opened with a razor, but the corners were still rigid enough to be used.

A former boss of mine, at least I think it was him, came up to me. He was balding on top, thick red beard, and slightly over-weight. He wanted to know if he could use the edges of the cardboard packages to build a shipping container he needed for product. I told him sure.

I looked down at the current box that I was unpacking. Anne had created a collage of pictures and shipped them to the store to be unpacked. She had the pictures glued to the inside of the cardboard.

I walked over to the next aisle and looked up. There was a mini helicopter near the top of the aisle. It cost about $12,000, and was about 4 feet long. I was thinking about getting one of these so I could spray my weeds faster than doing it by hands. I looked at some of the accessories, and one head light was $1000. My dad looked at me and said "man that is some bucks". My mom had that look on her face saying "oh Nathan I can't believe you are going to do this".


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