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I was running in a museum and trying to get out of the main entrance. The building had a museum look and feel to it. The colors were off white with black pillar's holding up the ceiling. The room was open, similar to how a college auditorium class would be. I was running toward the exit of the building that had glass doors along the entire wall. A lady started to chase me as I ran through the door.

On the other side of the parking lot a tree line appeared. I ran into the tree line and I jumped into a car and started to drive around the parking lot to escape. The parking arrows were pointing in the opposite direction from which I was driving. I kept looking around for arrows following the same direction as I was driving, so not to bring attention to myself. I looked to my left and the parking lot had an extension on it. The arrows were following the way that I was driving, so I veered left. I followed the path up an embankment. It reminded me of what you might see in a race car track with a thirty-degree curve to it.

I was in a basement room. I entered through a doorway and a man appeared behind some old cedar trunks. He had plastic bags full of items. I felt like he trusted me so I opened some of the bags. Gems fell out everywhere. He had green, red, purple and even white gems. He was the keeper of the gems, but I wanted some. He said nobody could take any unless they could unlock the code. I knew how to unlock the code, however nobody could get to the phone. You had to input a code, with the gem keepers voice, into his phone, however make it appear the call was coming from somewhere else. If you were ever lucky enough to get a hold of his phone, the code was twenty-four characters. I do not remember it all, but the first five digits were 84nbn ----------. He gave me one dark blue gem.

Once I turned around, I ended up near my elementary school. I walked out of the school and opened the door to a black S10 truck. I saw my brother was driving, he was drunk, so I said I can drive. He was arguing with me, so I just took the steering wheel. I hooked it up on my side of the truck, and told him he could shift. We drove off and turned left out from the building. Heading down the road off to the right appeared a field and

there was a junkyard in the field with old tractor equipment, some matches, and a paint can. I walked down the road, because I heard some music. The feeling was frantic.

Once I was down the road, a young boy, with a curly affro jumped out and started running back toward the farm equipment. I turned around and followed him. He went to the left, down a trail and disappeared in the field. I decided to stay on my original path back to the farm equipment. Once I arrived he was there with some other people that were in the museum.

We had to blow up the farm, because we had to transfer good customer service to the neighboring farm. That was the only way we were going to experience good customer service again. They started lighting the matches but very little smoke appeared from the grass. I took the paint can and buried it halfway in the ground. I took the matches and started creating a tee pee around the paint can. It started to catch fire so we all ran back waiting for the boom.


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