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DREAM #15 - FIRE is no match for COPPER COFFEE POTS

I went to a person's house, not knowing who they are. The dad was sitting at the dinner table, and the mom was making dinner. I looked over and the mom was getting ready to throw the football with her young daughter. She cut the ends of a pair of nylons and put them on her daughter’s arms, so the football would not leave welts. The mom told her daughter to run out for a pass.

The dinner table was outside, and had some deep brown, copper color to it. It could seat six to eight people. The dad was sitting at the table again, with the older daughter, and the daughter's boyfriend. The father was very stern, however would make wise cracking jokes.

We ran outside and looked down a steep hill. The hill was a good sixty to eighty feet long. On the hill, fallen over, were two trees stretching to the bottom of the hill. The older daughter said everyone had to race down the hill. The first two people were up and I was one of them. I had never run down a tree to the bottom of the hill before. We started to run, and had to slide back and forth to avoid large tree branches. My tree had a big crack in it, so I had to straddle that to get over it. We kept running, going faster with every step. When we hit the bottom of the tree we were running at forty-five miles per hour. We jumped off the tree and did some rolls, so we could slow down without getting hurt.

Looking back around the daughter said we are eating salad now. You will be eating eight leaf lettuce and deal with it.

We sat down at the table, which was outside, however it appeared to be inside. The younger daughter ran into the house screaming that the fire was never put out. I went outside with the rest of the people. The mom grabbed an old copper coffee pot. There was a lid on it, with a pump, hose, and nozzle. In it was water, and some dawn dish soap. When you pumped the coffee pot, it started to squirt out a foamy mixture. The mixture was being spread on a natural gas lantern that was on the ground near the deck. The coffee pot was close to being emptied before the fire was put out. I could see a little of the gas still leaking out but no flame was coming from the area.


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