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Updated: Apr 11, 2019

The garage had some leftover garbage in it from trash day and nothing else. We opened the door to the house and the house was smaller more like an apartment in size. We walked through the living room and I had to go to the restroom. The restroom was in the back of the house.

I went back there and washed my hands and came back out. There were two guys there, they were from a high school in the dream, but have zero clues who they are. We wanted to go to bed but they kept hanging out. We walked back to the bedroom to close the door. The door was missing but it did have a slide curtain. Once I moved the slide curtain back the door appeared. The door was too small to close and cover the entrance way to the bedroom though. I used the slide wall instead.

Once we were in the bedroom, I looked out the window and clouds were forming. Dark clouds, the darkest I have ever seen were coming over the city landscape. I screamed out in the living room to the guys, TORNADO!. One had touched down on the edge of the city and was coming our way. Then another touched down. I counted four or five total touchdowns near our apartment building. They were coming at us fast. I ran back into the bedroom and looked around. There wasn't any safe covering. We had a bench on the back side of the building with about two feet under it. I told Anne to get under the bench quickly as I closed the curtain on the window. I put bags of clothes in front of Anne, hoping if the window broke the shards would not be able to go through the clothes. When I looked to get under the bench, a small shrimp, that looked like a spider, came running at me.

He was tiny but kept coming, I could see his tiny black eyes. I freaked out and tried smashing him with a flip flop. He jumped up on the wall and I tried sliding under the bench. Once I slid under the bench it was cramped. I grabbed another bag of clothes and pulled it in to hopefully seal us off from glass shattering.

Illustrated by:

Manoela Boianovsky da Costa - Brazil


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