• NAM


I entered a parking structure. The structure entrance had a long, wide hallway. Walking down a ramp there was a large crowd of younger people running past me. The hallway reminded me of a football arena's entrance ramp for the team. Concrete on both sides, concrete walk way, with some windows to other rooms. There were barrier gates lining people up. I was going to John Cena and Nikki Bella's wedding.

I was near the front of the line, and people were entering through a door. The door was open, and it was a massive steel barrier door. Once you entered, they were asking

for donations. Most people, since they were in their 20's, were donating five maybe ten dollars. I can remember hearing, Brie Bella, being upset that people were only donating

that amount of money. The room was filled with people.

Then chaos erupted. People started to get eaten by zombies. Everyone started to run out of the windows, and the gates. I had to go down a long hallway. I saw my Mom, and had to grab her to run with me. The hallway was dark and I could see a glimmer in the distance with no sign of zombies down at the end. I kept asking my mom to run with me. She did not want to run. I heard motorcycles coming from behind us. The motors, off in the distance, were chasing us. I had to get us moving faster. I grabbed the hallway, and pulled it closer to us. That shortened it and we went outside.

Once outside we were in a jungle. Everything was green with vegetation. Tall trees and vines were hanging down from the branches. It was misty outside so very hard to see what was up ahead. A lady jumped out at me. She looked like an athlete from American Ninja Warrior. She was all decked out in athletic gear. She challenged me to race up to the top of a hill barely noticeable in the distance. I see two large tree's right at the base of the hill and they were taller than the hill. If I could make it to that tree, I could swing on the vine and make it to the top of the hill before she does.

I started to run toward the tree and she was already ahead of me. I jumped over a canyon, as she climbed down the side of the wall. I barely grabbed the vine, and my momentum swung me to the top of the hill. I won, so that took me back to a room in the parking structure.

I walked up a ram into an office. Nikki and Brie Bella were with me. We were surrounded by zombie's. Between two room's, with very little room to escape, I barricaded us in a small hallway. Wood desk surrounding us, wood chairs, desktop binders, with zombies walking all around. They kept pulling the desk and trying to get to us. It confused me on how they were pulling, because I didn't think they had a brain. They broke through the desk and grabbed the ladies, and munched down on their arms and legs. I remembering looking off to the side and a door opened. I could see a clearing and I went for it.


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