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I was participating in a bowling tournament. I chose my lane and placed my ball down on the return. I started out strong with a couple strikes and spares. I walked up and took a gulp of my Dr. Pepper, and in the other hand I had water. I tried placing it down, but someone bumped me and water went everywhere. People were upset since they did not want to get their shoes wet.

One of the bowlers had a ball squeegee, and said all we had to do was squeegee the floor with it too. I went up to the counter and two old ladies were working. I kept trying to get their attention, but they would not stop talking. I asked for a ball squeegee when they looked in my direction. They handed me one and I took it down to my lane. I cleaned up the mess and once it was clean I finished with a 230. I took my scorecard up to the counter and was told this is shotgun start for the next round. Not knowing what that meant I changed out of my bowling shoes. I went down to get my ball, and was talking to my parents. I let them know this was a shotgun start, and they did not know what that meant either. I walked up and down the bowling alley to check on where I bowled next, but could not find my name. It was about an hour later and I found my name down on lanes three and four. They had started the game, and I was seven frames behind. I said I might as well just go home, there is no way I am making up the points of this game.

We left the bowling alley and went outside. We boarded a large boat-train. The boat-train sat on top of a railing system, however it was floating in water. We started to leave and I looked behind the boat in the water. There were four Olympic synchronized swimmers behind the ship in a small pool. The swimmers were from a different country.

One had a white cap on, she was from the USA. The red cap was from Korea, and I am unable to remember the other two. They kicked their legs in the pool and jumped out of the water like a dolphin would. They all waved in unison with their right hands. They dove under water, swam under a mini bridge and came out the other side waving again.

We departed on the boat-train and were leaving tracks in the snow. We could see where we have been but I did not know where we were going. Then we heard on the loudspeaker we had to make a 360 degree turn. The boat lifted out of the water, and did a quick spin, on a pole, and turned all the way around. This was the right direction we needed to be heading.

We came out to an old house. The house had a lot of wood and black rod iron in it. Running up the stairs, it opened to a large room where we looked at some old pictures. The pictures appeared to be of past residents. We walked down the stairs, but a photographer was outside wanting to take our picture. He kept looking in the windows to try and see if anyone was home. When he would peak in we ducked behind the stairs.


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