• NAM


Anne and I were at a friend’s house from high school. Her husband was home and another couple was there. It was in a high up place. Their house was almost glass like. They wanted to go for a ride. When you looked out the window there was a helicopter pad. To go for a ride, we had to strap ourselves into some soft like bean bag chairs. We also had to put on life jackets which had three straps. We then got in the drone.

The husband started to fly us over water and landed us kind of on the side of a snowy mountain. The kids were sending messages like they never get enough time with their parents. That kind of made the husband mad. Anne was looking under the seats for her life jacket. She started to put it on, but it had blood on it like they had killed someone.

The wife didn't strap on properly, so he kind of hit her. We started flying back to the house and landed. Then it changed.

Me and Jackie Chan were running from the Okusa the Japanese mafia. There was one on a flag pole shooting at us. We returned fire at hit him. Then ran into an apartment building for cover. We had ak 47, handguns, and 22s in our arsenal. They kept trying to break in from the balcony. I went in the stairwell, took the 22 and shot one across the street.


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