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Updated: Apr 30, 2019

In a house, below ground, I lived with three girls. I had legs that were reversed. My knees were pointing backwards, and I had mannequin arms. One of the girls I lived with,

came down stairs. We started to talk, and she let me kiss her. She ran back upstairs, and I felt tired. I went upstairs and sat on the couch next to her. I went to touch her

leg and she yelled at me saying we all were just friends. Once that happened I went outside.

There was a guy there we all had to protect. We jumped in a car and started to drive. I was driving, but in the dream, I was on top of the hill looking down at the scene. It was

not an outer body experience, I felt like I was directing the scene. The black car drove onto a street with four street lights. Up ahead of the car was a crew, they all had

black hoods on and black clothes on. We had to get the guy out of the car and up the hill. There was a place to take cover on top of the peak.

Once he was up on the hill with me, the group of black hoods started to run up the hill from the street side. The hill was breaking apart, somewhat like shale. It was fragile, rigid, with tree lines near the bottom. They broke through the tree line and started to throw rocks at us. We were out in the open at the top of the hill, but when I looked down I saw a cave with one opening that would provide a pretty solid defensive position. I took everyone down to that cave, but me and one other person went to another one. I drew them off while running to the other position.

On my way to the other cave, I remember climbing up the back side of one of their fortified spots. I took the high ground on them and started to use my legs and pushed rocks down onto their heads. They couldn't escape, I was destroying their fort rapidly. They kept trying to get out, but the rocks I was kicking onto them kept hitting them in the head and they were getting buried. I jumped to the bottom of their hill where there was another opening. I went in the opening with my friend. The rest of black cloaked people saw me in that cave. They started throwing rocks at me.

The entrance of this cave had two red logs holding the entrance open. They were throwing rocks, trying to hit the logs to cave the entrance in. They hit one log, but I hurried and pushed the log back into place. I kicked dirt around the logs to pack them in tighter. Once I did that I had to back against the side of the wall quickly, because they were shooting pebble rock into the cave. It was going everywhere, but it did not knock the logs down so we were safe. Three of the cloaked people came up to the entrance of the cave, and did not have hoods on. The best I could describe their face is they looked like Voldemort, from Harry Potter, just with more orange color face.

They started to talk to me and wanted to make a deal. They said they would send their best fighter in to fight me, and if I won they would leave us alone. Their best fighter entered and I found a staff in the back corner. The staff I grabbed had a long, sharp, wood looking axe on one end of the pike. Then on the other end of the pike, there was a hook. It could be best described as a long orange peeler. I can remember twirling the pike around.

Illustrated by:

Marco Aurelio Linhares - Brazil


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