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We were in a high-tech office building. The room was more like an internal campus setting all inside one building. There were four or five rows of brand new meeting tables. They had nice clean white table tops, with new chairs sitting at them. Windows surrounded the room with, algae, water and sea weed on the other side. In the middle of the room was an oval race track, with oil slicks covering the entire course.

The middle of the race track had several people in it. We all were standing on grass with some meeting tables. We had to collect data, so we were setting up our laptops and getting the cables connected. I tried connecting my laptop screen to my keyboard, but it would not connect. I tried three or four times and someone told me to just turn it around.

Once I turned it around it connected. My laptop bag was on the ground and race cars started to come out of the middle tunnel onto the track. The cars were trying to drive around at top speed, however the oil made it difficult. Cars were driving, but some of them when they turned, would spin out like a Mario Kart hitting a banana peel. We were given a football and had to throw it at the cars as they drove by. It was my turn, the cars were going fast, but I still had to throw the ball out at them. I threw my last attempt and just missed one of the cars as it raced by. My day was over but still had to stay in the middle of the track for the last guy to throw.

He was excited for his attempt and made the best of it. He tossed a ball out toward a car coming off the corner, and the car ran right into the ball. He eventually hit four cars, and ended up winning a bag of money.

It was time to leave, so we all started to pack up our items. Me and a guy I work with were one of the last to leave. I had packed up two of my bags, but could not get my laptop battery to plug in. I tried three or four times, and then he said turn it around. I turned the battery around and it snapped right into place. I inserted the laptop into my bag and we headed for the door. One student appeared in one of the seats, and a teacher came through the secondary door. She said she would see us on Monday.

Knowing that I didn't go to school there, I thought to myself, no you will not. Out of the corner of my eye we saw some sharks in the windows. They were swimming through the murky waters and we felt like we might be in some danger. We left through the main entrance door, and started to walk through the next room. The floor appeared to have an aquarium below it. It was very difficult to tell if what we were stepping on was water, and we would fall in, or hard glass that we could walk on. I told the guy I work with watch your step when he ventured toward the middle of the room.


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