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I was walking down the stairs at work to the coffee shop. A guy I work with was by my side. A lady was in front of us, wearing tight grey yoga pants. She stopped in the middle of the aisle way, and the guy I was with quickly turned the corner to go to the restroom. I stayed walking forward into the entrance of the coffee shop.

I went through the doors and could not find any cups for the coffee. They all had been torn up, or were taken. I kept looking around and found one cup, but the rim had been peeled off.

She leaned up against me and started talking to other customers about there not having any coffee cups. Once I looked around to the other side of the store, I saw a coffee pot. There was no coffee in it though.

My dad appeared and said I can get the iced coffee made for you. He gave me some coffee and it looked like ice in it. I took a drink and I had styrofoam in my mouth, and told him this was not ice in my coffee. He said sure it is. I walked outside with my coffee and a guy was there I grew up with.

The parking lot was huge, similar to the size of the ones in a theme park. There were beds everywhere. I had to roll over them, jump on them, and run around them to get to where I was going. Then I saw the big show, with a huge sub sandwich in his hand. I yelled out, "Well it’s the BIG SHOOWWWWWWWW!". He slowly turned to me, and said simma down here Jr. and walked on by.


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