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I felt like we were in Louisiana. There was a lake, but it had a weedy marsh completely covering it. We were in a narrow cove, and I was on a pontoon. Wife was in a kitchen or floating dock. I started to float out to the larger part of the lake. I can hear her running down the dock asking where is Nathan. Then she sat down at the table and started talking to a lady.

One of the guys on the lake was walking across it toward another person. He wanted to give him something. I asked him how do you know where the lake is shallow enough to walk all the way across and he didn't know.

We came out near a gorgeous old style Catholic church. I walked in and my current boss was at the bar, Brock Lesnar was there, my brother, and some other random people. My boss was sitting at the bar and ordered a Bloody Mary, and gave me that look like order one too, so I am not the only one drinking in Church.

I sat down and started talking to the bar tender about mining for gold below the church. They had plots of land for rent below the building. I had gold mining software on my PC, but it was not the proper software to find the gold that was below this church. I asked the bar tender what I had to do to get the proper software on the PC. He took the laptop and ran a script and started to update my operating system.

Once I had that we went downstairs and started prospecting. We had mini excavators, I mean they were the size of bicycles with a back hoe on them. We started to dig everywhere without a plan. We were not finding a thing, and we all came together and started to talk. We started to label the plots of land with country names. The ones with the best chance of gold was named United States, then Mexico, Canada, and two other country names. Then Brock Lesnar said we should all stick to our certain set of named plots and we thought that was a good idea. We decided to get back to digging.

I went to my plots, and started to dig through Canada. I went underwater to one of my plots. When I was underwater, I saw seaweed and some blue lobsters. There were four decent sized holes in the mud, and a blue lobster occupied every hole. Then one of them started to float at me with his pincers having boxing gloves on them. I punched his pincers and the momentum sent him floating the other way.

I dug for a bit underwater and came back to some plots in the dirt. We went back upstairs to the bar. The priest was there. We told him we were not finding gold. He said for 10,000 dollars he could upload a new operating system that would help us find the gold. We all chipped in, and he started downloading the new software. Once he downloaded it, I looked and it was the same version as the bartender downloaded. We felt swindled.


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