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I was climbing up a jagged rocky hill. Once up the hill I arrived in a baseball stadium to play baseball. One of the guys I grew up with was there in the outfield with me. We were fielding for batting practice, however the hill behind me kept drawing my attention. The grass was green and the field lines were in place for a baseball game. We were participating in warmups and I kept looking back over to the hill, but nothing was coming up it. The hill itself was hard, dry, dirt littered with jagged rocks. Jagged small hills formed the landscape with a deep drop off to a bottom I could not see.

I kept missing balls coming my way in practice, so the guy I grew up with was getting mad at me. I walked to the hill and he started to throw baseballs at me. I was unable to catch them. They kept hitting the outside part of my glove and bouncing down the hill. I told him I am not getting them and he just kept throwing them. I caught one ball and threw it back into play. I walked back on the field, and so was every other person in the stands. The players and the fans were now in the outfield taking batting practice. Once the guy I grew up with and I noticed all the fans, we knew it was our turn to bat.

I went up to home plate. It had a couple different rooms around it. One room you could put your dogs in, so I put Brutus in there so he wouldn't get hurt. There was another smaller dog in there as well. It was a small room with a dirt floor and a solid heavy door so the dogs couldn't escape. There was a bench for all the players to sit at. Then scattered around the ground, was bats, baseball hats, helmets and gloves. A teammate of mine was up first. He hit the ball and it barely flew to the pitcher, so he was out. A second guy was up, and he hit it out pretty far and was on second. This is where I notice the layout of the baseball field.

It wasn't a diamond shape at all. The pitcher was pitching from the outfield. First base was as far as the line could go, guessing close to a football field lengths away. Then second was to the left of first, but about half the distance. Third was closer to home. You had to follow second base line to a wall, take a left 90 degree turn, then a 90 degree right to get to third. Third was maybe six or seven steps from home.

Brutus was getting feisty with the tenant downstairs. He wanted to write a letter to her to let her know he was upset. I told him ok write it and we can deliver it. He was mad at her because the dogs were trying to sleep. The letter had grievances of her being loud, her slamming doors, her bathroom smelly poopy, and she smoked too much pot. When I opened the door to let Brutus out and the other dog, they both had cartoon x's in their eyes like they were high. They slowly walked out and went into a bigger room.

Now it was my turn to be up, I kept looking for a helmet to fit, but none of them would. The one guy said we had an equipment room, so I went in there and found a helmet. I went up to the plate and noticed that all the bats were aluminum. That is not right because the pros use wood bats, so all the bats turned wood. I grabbed one as the ball was coming at me. I hit the ball, and it flew. The hit was so good that I passed my base runner and get to third. He had to stay on second based upon the rules.


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