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DREAM #26 - $1000 of BEAN PIZZA please!

It seemed like I was in the middle of nowhere. Grass wasn't growing and it was very patchy. Dirt was coming through all over. Dirt roads connected the distance between houses.

A couple from the lake had their house near the end of the main road. They also just started a new pizza oven business. I was driving my car down and parked near the oven. He showed me a new technique of making pizza. He grabbed some beans, put it on a tortilla, and slid it across the burner to spread the beans out on the tortilla. Then flipped it like an omelet.

I strolled down to the other end of the housing area and jumped in a car. The car looked like a log in the log ride. Open air, kind of floating even though there was no water. I took it and started to drive up a hill. The hill was smooth with a couple walls in it. It was a matchbox race track. Once I went up the hill I pulled off to a parking lot. I left the car and went into an auditorium class room. It was filled with people I did not know. I sat behind Billy, which I did know, but in life have zero clue who he is. He kept looking at me and talking about another girl I went to high school with, who was down near the first row.

The teacher was an older looking lady, pretty curmudgeon sounding. She was making treats for us and passing them out to everyone in the class. The girl I went to high school with raised her hand. She was called on and she said if we are eating these sweet treats we all should get up and dance. She wanted to dance so we could burn off the calories we were eating. The teacher hit the music and everyone stood up and danced, except for me. I do not dance. Billy wanted to meet the girl badly, so I said I would introduce him.

I told him I thought they already knew each other. He looked at me and said no, that was the guy in high school who looks like me, but is not me.

Somehow I ended back up at the new outside pizza oven restaurant. I was in a building and behind a cash register. A guy came in and said he wanted $1000 worth of pizza. I said, we can do that, however it may take some time to get all of them made up. He said no problem, here is the money. I looked at the first $100 bill and it looked fake. It felt wrong, and was purple. I set it off to the side to have someone else check. Then the last two $100 bills were monopoly money. The guy was trying to scam the restaurant.


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