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Disclaimer: (My father rarely has a beer, let alone a fifth of Jack.)

I was a passenger in my truck and dad was driving it. We were pulling up to a store, but the road started to close and become narrow. I had to get out and get into a little cut out section in a building and direct my dad into driving the truck. We were towing a boat and had to get the truck and boat passed this narrow section. He started to pull the truck in and it was an inch from the wall. The boat was less than that from scratching against the wall. I put blankets down the side of the boat to help protect the paint.

He stepped out of the truck and we both went into a boat store. We were looking around and I got in an orange boat. It was shaped like a doughnut, with a single piece fiber glass body. It held six people, had a couple leather loungers, and all the electronics to have fun. The floor was tan with a bamboo weave.

I was talking to a sales person, when a loud smash came from the back of the store. It was getting louder and I saw my trucking coming down the aisle with boat in tow. The truck kept smashing through items in the store and shattered through the front windows. Out in the parking lot it kept going straight and rammed into a side of a semi. The boat sunk, and the truck was totaled.

My dad was drinking and driving. We went back in the store laughing at the event, and I told him to quit drinking. He was laying on a couch and had a fifth of gentleman jack in his lap. A couple drinks had been taken from it. I picked it up and said you should probably slow down some on this.

I arrived back at my house. It was a larger house with plenty of rooms. Walking around I saw a few people I work with. I mostly felt like we were living in a frat house and were hanging out not working. I was at my computer desk doing some programming, and a guy walked up to me. We talked about a fix we needed to do, and he walked away. I called him a code programmer. We all laughed because you never call anyone that unless you are screwing with them.

My neighbors came over and it was her Birthday. All the programmers played Happy Birthday from their computers and she thanked them.


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