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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

I was sitting there overlooking a large cargo bay. Large windows were in front of me and running down the side of the room extending as far as I could see. I was sitting on the

ground instant messaging a lady sitting next to me. We were talking about what needed to be done for work. I looked up out the window, but the cargo was so far down it was hard to see what was in the bay.

I sent her a message, and asked if she smoked. She said yes, so we got up and walked through the door to the outside. When I walked through that door, I entered a house that was in my neighborhood where I grew up. I walked into the kitchen and a lady was in there that I did not know. I went through the kitchen down the hallway. The door on the left was sealed shut and the lady said she did not want anyone to go in there. Something bad had happened and she wanted the room left alone. The bathroom was on the right, and I saw another bedroom at the end of the hallway. I walked down to that room, it had grey carpet, and some light grey walls. There was a couch on the back wall. When I turned the corner, the wall separating the two bedrooms was removed. The carpet extended through for both bedrooms.

I had to pee so I came back out and turned into the restroom. The toilet was a new concept prototype. It had water in it, and the flusher was a handle you had to crank. Near the top of the water was floating fruit to help with the smell. The lady said she needed to go to the restroom, but I told her I was not done yet. The bathroom didn't have a wall on the right side, so if she came around the corner she could see me trying to pee. Every time she asked if she could use the restroom, I had frozen bladder and I could not go. I told her to hold on, and I pushed as hard as I could and pee came out. I was aiming at the fruit and scoring huge points. I cranked the level over to flush and she could now go to the bathroom.

Once she was done she wanted to go to bed, so she started to get naked. I looked over at her and when she was fully naked, she said she was going to sleep. She climbed up the wall and laid between where the corner of the two walls and ceiling met. She pressed into the paint and looked like an artist piece as she closed her eyes.

Illustrated by:

Arman Abeleda - Philippines


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