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I started walking onto an island with my mom and dad. The island almost seemed like a tropical jungle. There was only one way to get through the jungle, from a small, narrow trail going up a slight hill. We followed the trail and arrived at the top of the hill. We look down and see a lake, and off to the side were steps. The steps went down, and looked like they were carved out of rock. The rock was almost slate like. We started to climb down the steps.

The stairs started to go down at an increasing decline. We had to turn and face the rock and climb down like a ladder. The rocks were almost perfectly wide enough for us to hug them and climb down. Everything was green, and the stairs were the only other thing with color. They looked like the rocks that we used to landscape our backyard, mostly grey, black with some white in them.

We stepped off the rock ladder and was near the edge of the lake, and found this old, but looked like a new boat. It wasn't big enough for us all to fit, so we had to swim across the lake by holding onto the boat. The boat was brown, plank looking with a gloss finish.

My mom reminded me that I could not swim, and I told her she couldn't either, so we got in the water with the boat anyway.

Once on the other side we thought we heard drum sounds but they were faint. Some people came out, the native tribe of the island. We had to wrestle them for some reason. Their wrestling style was Krav Maga. I have zero clue how I won, but I did beat the guy. They took us to one of their very large huts.

When we went in three people were in the room. Two people on a bed and one standing in the room. They were giving birth, and the mother of the lady giving birth, was doing a birth dance on the bed. Once the baby came, I was given a small banjo drum. I had to hold it up and play it. When I tried, no sound came out, so they gave me a bigger one. No sound came out. They were frustrated and sent us to another room.

The elder room was full of the older generation. They wanted to keep us but said we could go if we could get them more wood for their fire. Well I told them I could strip down the boat and that would be enough wood for them. They agreed to that and poof we were in a small city with a small town feel to it.

We were walking through 24" of snow toward an intersection, that turned left or right. Right was an exit, left was to go back around the circle. We had to carry a dog, not sure who owned it, but he was too small to run through the snow. A car pulled up. One of the guys I grew up with was in it. Another one jumped out and did a high cross body and took me down. I stood up and body slammed him in the snow. Then out of nowhere came a clothesline. Everyone was laughing. We ended up getting in the car, and for some reason we turned left.


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