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I walked into a gym, so I could work out, and there was equipment everywhere. The gym had a yellow color to it, with normal workout equipment stationed throughout. I was working out by myself, however at one of the smith machines three guys were at that station.

The largest of the three just completed a clean and jerk with eight 45 lb. plates and four 5 lb. plates on each side. I knew I was not on that level, however they called me over to the machine. When they called me over a small nervousness set in. I barely workout and could not even come close to do what they were doing. They wanted me to do some clean and jerk reps with them. I have never done this workout before, so I told them I was hesitant.

They said no problem just try it. I tried doing two plates on each side but couldn't get the jerk done right. They took a needle out and I started to sweat. I hate needles and get light headed when they come near me. He shoved the needle into my arm. The group said now try, and I went to the lift. Once I got that up I struggled to do the jerk with my left leg back. I went back to the beginning motion and completed the jerk with my right leg back. They started cheering and high fiving, excited that I completed the task.

The doors blew open and police started running in from all entry points. The police outfits were fluorescent green, and they came in with guns drawn. I was walking down toward the end of the gym where a stretching room was walled off. The walls were made of temporary office walls. I was trying to find a hiding place. I felt anxious and fearful over going to jail, since I took the needle.

I looked behind me, and the biggest guy threw a plate at a cop, and shot busted out. The cop took him down with one swift shot to the chest. The body builder was laying under the smith machine bleeding. The cops started yelling to tell me to get through the door to the stretching area.

There were several people from the gym in there, and the cops were yelling at us all to get our hands behind our heads. I put mine behind my head, and the chief yelled out, you get your ass on the ground. Put your knees up in the air, and keep your hands clasped behind your head. I was shaking heavily at this point trying to comply with his orders.

I bent down on my ass and had my feet off the ground to show my knees were up. My knees were knocking together from shaking so much. One of the cops came over and put the muzzle of his 9 mm right to the temple of my head. It hurt and he started to yell do not move or I will shoot. My hands were in pain and they were slipping, I didn't want to be shot. I told them I was forced to take the steroids, but the cops did not care.

The cops put a mask on me, and started to breathe in my face. The guy had bad breath and told me this is how close the other criminals in jail or going to be to my face. He yelled “You better get used to it.”

The officers told us to stand up and started to walk us out of the building. Off to the side, one of the lady officers was on a motorcycle. She was screaming at us that we were not going to see something this good for a long time. She had on a tight purple bathing suit, with black trim all the way around it. Her legs hung on the handle bars, and the motorcycle was all black. She was laughing and smiling at us, as the other cops continued to push us to the back of the building.

I came around a corner and a group of us sat down at a picnic table. Seven to eight cops surrounded a couple of us prisoners sitting at the table. A crew of four or five random people strolled up on us.

The leader was wearing a red shirt, and pants. He was wearing blue zip up sweatshirt and had long hair just passed his shoulders. His hair hinted of curls and a small mustache on his face. He looked like he was Mexican. He asked the cops if I was in the group of criminals and the cops said yes. The leader of the gang told me I had to go with him and I didn't belong in the neighborhood.

I had to stand up and walk over to the side. I was nervous and confused as to how I had to go with this guy. He screamed out for everyone to hear that I had to take the test or he was going to shoot me. I looked over and it was a weight machine. The arms of the machine were shaped like a triangle. A 25lb. weight was laying on the ground and attached to the point of the triangle with some chains. The back side of the triangle was up in the air with an arm low enough for one hand to grab.

He told me to lay on the ground, behind the machine, and extend my arm up. He said if you lift this you belong, and if you fail you do not. I started to pull down, and the machine felt heavier than 25 lbs. The weight lifted off the ground and swung into the air. The motion was that of a trebuchet. The weight came crashing down toward my face, but just missed my nose and landed barely touching my stomach. He started laughing and said you ain't no Donnely amigo, you belong with us, the Deans. If you were a Donnely, the weight would have smashed your face. He let me get back to the cops, and I walked off toward the picnic table.


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