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Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Anne and I were in a small bedroom. It was shaped like a box and it had some boxes in it for furniture. The door was opened and Brutus kept running in and out of the room. The room had red walls, grey trim and a white floor. There was a girl in there with us.

She was unable to walk and sitting on one of the boxes. We all wanted to go outside, but she said she was unable to. I told her she could go and I would carry her. I picked her up and we all went outside.

Outside side was wide open. Very few trees if any were in the area. The grass was green and near the end of the park area was a road. The road was followed by a calm river. I started to walk and it felt like the entire area was boxed in like the bedroom. I followed the river to the middle of the grass area and I felt rumbling under my feet. Shooting out of a wide mouth under the ground was water. It was flowing so fast it was causing small tremors.

My feet were shaking, and then I saw fish shooting out of the faster moving river. The fast river, and slow river were perpendicular to each other. The fish would shoot out and start to squirm back up the hill, on the grass, opposite direction they just were shot out of. The fish had a tail, but the mouths were shaped like small gator mouth.

Some men in white, bee keeper outfits started to arrive. They came up the hill with me. They were talking about how the fish will grow to be very large, they just need a chance to survive. These fish were small, maybe 14”. The area the fish were trying to squirm up was mostly grass but very wet from all the water rushing under. Once we were closer to the top of the hill, there was plastic laid down with some sand, shaped like little hills in it. The scientist said these fish would clean all of that up and make the slip and slide clean again. One fish almost escaped, but the guy in white said he was just looking to fight another fish. They are very territorial and want to be dominant.

My neighbor was getting a new boat this day. He wanted to test it out in the river. I looked down on the road and he was pulling up in it. The boat was a speed boat, white, with clean lines, and some red stripes on top, following the curves from front to back. The boat had a car steering wheel, and had wheels and tires, so you could drive down the road. He tried pulling in his driveway but a guy was blocking his path. He asked the guy driving a truck to move, so he could get the boat in the driveway.

Once he pulled in his wife was mad. She said I thought we were getting one that would go the opposite way up the fast water. He said they couldn’t afford that and we had to settle on this one. He said watch, I will show you it will be fine. He had a driver, and jumped back in the boat. They took off down the road.

He pulled up to a large parking lot, it was cedar point parking lot. He tried to pull in but they closed at nine, and he was upset he couldn’t get in to show her this boat would be able to do the job. His lights were on and he screamed oh crap there is the cops. He flashed the guy in front of him to move out of the way. He jumped out of the car and yelled at the driver that he wasn’t going fast enough to show her the boat would work. He threw down some paper work that was rolled up. It had a gold watch in it. The driver yelled back and said well you drive yourself then.

Illustrated by:

Luca Vassallo - Mendoza, Argentina


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