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I was walking outside to the bus, although I do not know why since I am out of school. A couple kids I grew up with were next door and riding their bikes taunting me. They were wanting money back for something. I never loaned them any money. I walked down the road and between the bus stop and my house was another friend’s house. They were chasing me on their bikes, but I made it safely to another friend’s house.

I walked up the driveway and heard my friend scream out what the hell is Murray doing here. He walked outside and was extremely mad at me. I asked if I could bum a ride to school, and he turned his back on me. He walked away saying I should have told him.

I walked back home. Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were in the house. My brother was there and my dad was sleeping since he worked that night. I ran into the bed room and told him I wanted to cash in on Strowman. I had to sign the contract. I took out a pen and signed the paper, and he went back to sleep.

I walked down the hallway and hid behind the wall on top of an organ player we had in the house growing up. Braun came walking by and I did a high cross body and knocked him down. I climbed on top of the desk and did a drop kick. Seth Rollins interfered, and my brother jumped in. My brother got knocked down to the floor and I was body slammed by Strowman.


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