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We were at hunting camp. My friend was there and his dad. Our dog, Brutus was with me and another puppy. We wanted to walk through the woods to go bowling. We took off down the trail. I wasn’t sure how far away walking through the woods the bowling alley would be, so we were walking fast. I looked down and I had no bowling ball, I told them we had to turn around.

We got back to camp and they wanted to walk again, and I told them no. I said I can go up and get my car and we can drive to the bowling alley. I picked up Brutus, and carried him. There are always Coyotes running around the woods so I felt uneasy letting the little guy walk.

The house was under construction so the walls were open, and the sub-floor had ply wood to walk on. I went in the house and sat on a couch. There was a hutch off to the right. The Golden Girls were in the room with me and we started to chat. I just wanted to get to my bowling ball, which with all the construction I had no idea where it was. Dorothy stood up and started rummaging through the hutch and found a couple bowling ball bags. I found mine and went to the car.

I arrived at the bowling alley. I went into an office, and the drop ceiling was missing an entire section of tiles. Everything else in the room was finished nicely. That section was on the punch down list to be finished. I still needed to get to the bowling alley, but I could not see the lanes.

I started to play a video game, and wanted to beat one board before I had to leave to get to the actual lanes with pins on them. I looked over and my wife was watching me play the game. I asked her what time it was, and her watch said 2:17. I was late, and should have left at 1:30 and not waited this long.


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