• NAM


I purchased a house next door to my parents. I was walking the yard and looking at what landscaping I wanted to add or remove. When I looked out of the front door I saw a large hole, with marble steps down into a cave. I peered into the cave entrance and there was a white bear roaming around the dark. I went down there and he was a friendly cuddly bear. He followed me up the steps.

I went next door and my parents and brother were home. He was drinking and becoming violent. I drew my brother away from their house and brought him over to my yard. He was walking and stumbling over trees, bushes, landscaping we had in the yard. My brother went into my house and started throwing the trash can against the wall and stumbled backwards and fell-down on the ground.

He was mad at my wife and called her some names. I pushed his head on the ground and he looked at me how could I do that to him. The bear came walking through the door and my brother pushed him out the door and he fell down the cave. I ran down the steps to make sure he was ok. He cuddled up next to me and followed me back up the steps.

Once I got up the steps, I noticed bushes all around the border of the yard. I hated them so I told the bear that we needed to take them down to make the yard look nicer.

Sirens filled the air as a cop car pulled up, and my brother was freaking out. He had already been in trouble for drinking and he did not want to be caught. He was hiding in the corner and a cop ran through my house but did not see him. Then a detective came into the house.

He was the typical detective, wearing a long trench coat, with the hat, suit and tie. He had glasses on and a badge. He saw my brother and pulled his gun on him. The detective told him to FREEEZE. The gun looked like an old German, P-38. My brother pushed me out of the way and ran out the side door. He pointed the gun at me, and I put my hands up. I told him I am not aggressive to him. He said I know, that is his issue.


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