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I was talking to one of my friends in his garage. He wanted to get a new truck, but wasn’t 100% sure if he needed to get one. He opened the door and his wife had the baby in the truck and it was crying. He jumped in and drove forward and turned around in the garage. He was hitting walls and the other truck. He opened the garage door and drove off into a snow storm.

I walked outside up the road and met a friend and a guy I work with at a restaurant. The weather changed from winter to summer. We had to sit with some people we didn’t know since it was packed inside. We all ordered burgers, fries, onion rings and just put everything on the table. I ordered four burgers for the entire table. Once I put them on the table I went to grab a pop. I came back and all the burgers on my table had a bite out of them. One of the people I did not know took a bite out of everything. I was so mad, I walked out of the restaurant.

I saw a deli across the street and wanted to get over to it. The road was so busy there was a cattle fence, with a gate stopping people from getting run over. I waited until the light turned green and hopped the gate and walked into the deli.

All I was looking for was the section that sold hostess cake snacks. There were about ten people behind the counter so I went back there. The deli guy yelled at everyone if you are not buying get out of the back. I had $35 in my pocket and some boy pushed me against the counter. I felt his hand going into my pocket like he was trying to pick pocket me. I moved to the side enough where my wallet fell on the ground instead of him being able to steal it. I told him to leave my shit alone and picked it up. He was going to try again, and I told him I would buy him a sandwich. He smiled and said that is what I wanted.

I ordered something called a skurn, and the deli guy said order it wet. I took it up to the counter and bought my hostess cake too. I walked outside and started running with two friends. We were being chased and they wanted my sandwich. The group finally caught up to me and as I jumped a fence the bag fell to the ground. The group took my brown bag and ran the other way. I wanted to give chase since I was so hungry and had to report to a job. I felt upset and wanted revenge, but I kept on to my workplace.

I walked into a workout place called 4-runners. It was a new gym, that only had three stores in the area. The four that owned it worked out all the time but they didn’t even know how to setup a land line phone. The gym wasn’t your normal workout facility. Instead of weights, it had weighted Frisbee's, weighted yard Yahtzee dice and a few other yard games setup that way. Their goal was to show people how to have fun, while they were working out.


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