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I could see an old, run down, rusted out factory. It was dark and it was almost midnight. Trees were blowing giving a slight breeze across the open field leading up to the factory. I saw a door open on the side of the factory and we went in. Walking around I could hear noises, but it was too hard to see anything. I am not sure what I was searching for, but I would know if I found it. I heard some moaning and a zombie ended up grabbing one of us. We took off running out the door.

We fortified the door and knew we would be all set since this was the only entrance to the building. I heard rattling behind me and the wall started to bulge outward. Zombies busted out of the wall. I started to think to myself why I would let that wall break down, when I just had to move the zombies through the door we were covering. We both started running toward the building.

When we arrived at the building it was a nice hotel area with lights everywhere. People were moving about and a couple of my friends were there. I was leading the way to go to another area when a big fight broke out. The hallway had three other walkways leading to it. I was in the first group and could not get back to the opening where my friend was. He was in the 2nd group and could not get back to our 3rd friend. I was being pushed back with my group, and he was being held back with his group, so many people were throwing elbows and fist. I could not see what was happening to my other friend, his fight group was around the corner.

Security busted in and started to calm things down. Groups started to break up and you could slowly move to the open area. My buddy saw me and I asked how our 3rd friend was. He said he was fine, he busted up three guys, but he had a chipped tooth and was in the restroom. I told the 2nd friend I was completely sober so I could drive. He said good and threw the keys my way. I caught the keys in a cup, when I looked down they were covered in chocolate milkshake.

Our 3rd friend’s wife came up, and yelled into the bathroom, HEY WE MUST GO. He yelled back IN A MINUTE. We walked to the exit.

I went through the door and came out into another building. It was a lot brighter, had white marble looking floors, with nice clean windows letting the sun come through. Four guys walked up to me and I was thinking great they want to fight since what happened back at the other place.

They looked at me and put out their fist and said what’s up my N-word. I looked at their fist and gave them a fist bump. They started laughing and said no we do not do that anymore. They held out their fist again, and I noticed their thumb going back and forth fast. It was like they were hitting a Playstation’s controller button while holding a fist. They said we drip it not pound it. I looked at them confused and they started laughing. Yes, the thumb is your fist’s weenie and it is done going to the bathroom, so we drip it. I gave them all a drip it and they laughed and walked away.

I went through another room and we all ended back at my apt. I had clothes everywhere but my buddy still had a couple ladies over to have a drink. They were sitting around a coffee table talking and I remember thinking that it would take me four days to wash the clothes on the floor. I kept thinking I do not need to go to school tomorrow and can get this room organized. Nobody goes through the 12th grade twice. I grabbed some hunting boots I had, set them next to my bed, and that was the beginning of me getting organized. I grabbed four checks from my check book and walked out to the counselor’s office. She came out from behind the desk near the bench I was at. I was trying to organize her pamphlets on the bench when she asked me a question. She said, do you know why I do not like watching movies with seven-year old’s? I didn’t know what she was getting at. She said because when a serious part in the movie comes up they are always laughing.


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