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I was sitting in a mini blue excavator overlooking a mining site. There were steps down right in front of me, but they were close to being straight down. To the left of me the drop off was close to a 90-degree drop off and to the right it was 45-degree hill downward. I had to get the blue excavator down a couple steps and start mining that area.

I started my descent on the left side and barely made it one step when the excavator started to tumble. It was hitting all the electrical equipment on the way down. Fortunately, I could jump out onto the middle part of the steps and land where I was safe. I landed where one of my friends was standing and another guy. It was a pretty tight squeeze. Our bosses started to climb down the hill and told us to quit looking where the blue excavator landed. They were yelling it is top secret equipment, cables, and wires. They were taping up the ends of the cables and wires and were throwing some scrap at us.

We were dodging the scrap and it was landing behind us on the part that was gradually going downhill. We were told we had to get down using our current step, which was a 90-degree drop off. My buddy was telling me to jump, turn around and grab the ledge. I kept thinking it was not an option. I turned around and jumped over to the safe hill, sat down, and relaxed. I looked at my friend and said what has two thumbs and is safe now. This guy right here pointing to myself. He came over and we walked up the hill.

I ended up in a corner store talking to someone. I looked out and saw an AutoZone and it had the name of one of my former bosses on it at Circuit City. I was thinking to myself how the heck is he doing. I was walking out the door when I saw him coming into the parking lot. I went out and shook his hand, said hi to his wife and daughter.

I looked around and found myself in my basement, but it looked more like an office room. It had an egress window with an office desk under the window. My wife wasn’t home and she didn’t tell me where she was at. I was getting mad and I grabbed my keys. I went upstairs and was about ready to take off in a rage. My parents were up there and Grandma. They were sitting watching T.V. and my wife came through the door. She had on a tight white shirt and some short workout shorts. I looked at her, and she said do not start right now with me.

She put a USB stick in the T.V. and said watch. She was crying and on the T.V. two buses were speeding down an off ramp to a freeway. They were out of control bouncing off the walls. They hit each other and flew off the ramp into a side of a grassy hill and rolled over onto the freeway below. I looked down and one of the buses had run over a guy and his red push mower was stuck under the bus. Two people passed away. I walked over to her on the couch, got on my knees and hugged her. Thankful she was safe.


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