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DREAM # 39 - RIP BURT REYNOLDS (This dream happened about six days before Burt passed)

I was outside looking at a circular shaped building. I would guess it was about 100 yards in diameter. It was an open structure built with large logs, and a grass top roof. Through the building you could see retail racks filled with product. Near the back of the compound there was a three -wheeler sales area. Next to this area had a small fireplace. At the entrance, there was a presentation easel, with a flip up board. Presented on the board was some medals, they looked bronze with black shapes etched into them. I could make out one, and it was a Trojan with USC listed above it. Surrounding the compound was an even larger asphalt area. Looked like a race track going around the structure. One road in front of the building exited the parking lot with a small hut across the street, which had a single light on. (No it was not a motel 6)

I walked up to the entrance and my dad was standing next to the easel. He was talking about how my brother wanted to leave and pursue his dream. He was saying there is no reason why he can’t pursue his dream to become a Tai Kwon Do teacher. Now he wanted to leave and pursue his dream of teaching wrestling, then pointed at the medals. I walked inside and saw three girls walking around.

The girls wanted to make sure we all left by 3:30 since there was a dance we had to be too. Around the building I could see some guardians. They were wearing the same outfit that the guardians, protecting the mummy in the movie, was wearing. The only difference instead of all black outfits they had midnight blue mixed in. The leader had a huge, golden, loop earring in. He yelled at me and said he wanted his $20.

Randy Orton came from out of nowhere and RKOed some guy. The guy started to chase us and we ran to the back of the store. The three-wheeler sales guy was there and offered to sell us one. I asked the guy how much for the best one and he said 100 dollars a month for a year. I said no way that is only $1200 dollars. I hopped on and took off. Three guys on three wheelers were driving around chasing me. I kept avoiding them by drifting around the compound, in between the racks.

I drove up to the girls and they were upset that the guy chased me so long that we missed the dance. I walked outside and a guy I use to work with pulled up in a Jeep. He handed me a wallet. It wasn’t mine but the money inside was. I saw a five, a couple tens, and some ones. I grabbed it all and ran over to the easel. The leader of the guardians was there and handed him $20. He hugged me and smiled and said I have my $20 now.

Back inside by the girls in the compound the entrance, the door opened and two guys walked in. One was to hazy to know who he was but the other was Burt Reynolds. He was wearing a button down striped shirt, blue jeans with a black belt. The shirt had red stripes with blue thin stripes next to the red. He had on cowboy boots. He laid on a couch in front of me. My mom came running up and said do you know how many movies I have seen of yours. He looked at her and said well go sit by the fire now you can see me sit on this couch.


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