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Running outside near a house my friends four year old daughter was being chased. The father, our friend, and I devise a plan to distract the people chasing her, and want to take her.

We are all on a hill. Looks like a paintball course, except real features, not the blowup kind. Brush piles everywhere, smaller hills to hide behind, super dry out. The father runs left, I run straight up the hill after the daughter trying to run up it. I grab her and we do circles around a small hill. Someone was on our tail, but we keep doing circles. I tell her to break away and go hide in the bushes over to the left.

Then I am at work. New people are at work which are interns. My boss is letting them know there is a new policy not to cut anymore. They were staying punched in and leaving a couple hours early. I let them know we needed to be motivated and told them a story about the days of working retail.

I had to walk to work one day, I was on M-21. I was in the center lane, trying not to get run over by two trash trucks that were going straight. They started to drive, but since I worked in Flint, I did not want to walk all the way out there. I ran up to the one driver and he wasn't headed my way. The other driver, however was headed to Flint. He told me he would give me a ride. I hopped in.

This was my motivation story to the new people. Then we all wanted to take a boat ride. We saw one floating in the air, at a docking station back near the hill where I saved my friends daughter. The steps went up to the back of the boat but did not fully connect. My friend's daughter, my wife, my wife's aunt, some boson, and a couple others were getting on the boat. Since the steps didn't connect you had to jump from the steps to the boat. I was the last to get on the boat since I was to be the Captain. The boat looked long, like a red, white, blue cigarette racing boat. It was open air. The boat was a tad dirty though, because my wife's aunt, neighbors rented it last, and they didn't clean it up.

We started to clean, and it kind of smelled a tad like trash. I was looking over the controls, the trim, the speedometer everything else were digital. The boat had tan carpet with a hole to look down in just in front of the captain’s console. I told them all to buckle up since we were ready to take off. This was no water boat it was a space boat. The coordinates were set for a place called Cal Signon. We started to float in the air and took off. We had to cut the trip short, however since the boat didn't have a capsule in it. It was all open air and we couldn't fly in space that way.


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