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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

The winds started to pick up. A storm was moving in and the trees were almost blowing over. There was a horse barn off in the distance and we had to run over to it. We arrived to the barn and barricades were in front metal doors that closed off the entrance. I opened them up and about thirty people were taking shelter from what was now a tornado forming. The sky was turning dark and black.

Inside the owner told us to take shelter with the horses, but I felt like to much wind was getting inside the barn. It wasn’t air tight and I felt it would blow away. We looked around to the back of the horse shelter and opened an escape window. We had to go that way since the owner was no longer allowing anyone to leave out the front door. Anne jumped down on the roof and I followed.

I told her to run up the field of wheat to the house that was in the distance. As we were running another tornado tried to form in front of us. A small stream of clouds came from the sky down to the ground. It was spinning but not with enough force to make it a tornado. It kept spinning in front of us and it turned black, but we ran around it without being sucked up. The winds were picking up to extreme conditions. The tornado behind us was now classified as an EF5.

We arrived at the house and it was and old broken down home. Walking through the door there was a crusty old green couch in the living room. The kitchen cabinets were coming off the wall and breaking apart. I told Anne we had to find the basement. We saw some steps going down, but they were in shambles. The wood underneath the steps were rotted out. I stepped down and the stairs almost collapsed. I got the feeling if we went down there the people in the barn were trapping visitors. Anne would not go down the steps, but we had to get down. The tornado winds were close, and the walls of the house were ripping apart.

I went down the steps halfway and Anne would not come with me. The storm grabbed her and took her away. I was in the basement, and the floor was black and red checkered. It looked like a chess board. I finally found a way to get out of the basement, and tried going to work.

I arrived at work and the receptionist looked at me and said she thought I was dead. Five months had passed since I had been there. She told me I no longer had a job with the company and that Utah was hiring and I should go out there.

I went out to Utah and found myself on a lake. This was a man-made lake and it was surrounded by smooth mile high concrete walls. Me and a couple guys I met were hanging out on a pontoon when a tornado alert came over the radio. I told them we had to go and get away. He said no bothers the lake was high enough the tornado would just go under it. I tried stepping onto another pontoon to go down a water slide, built for boats, but couldn’t climb aboard. Finally, the pontoon went hurling down the slide, like a log on the log ride.

I went to apply for the job at the place where the men were that I met on the pontoon. I told one guy to not tell anyone that Anne was lost in the tornado. I did not want them to give me the job out of sympathy. He told another guy I was with, and that guy said he was going to tell the boss.

Illustrated by:

Manoela Boianovsky da Costa - Brazil


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