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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

We started walking down a neighborhood road, all of us giggling and having fun. JM was dressed as Freddie Krueger, TM was Michael Myers, SC was Jason, and I was ghost face. I was not able to tell what the girls were dressed as but they were walking with us. We were walking and having a good time, but the roads were long. They felt like it was in a desert, maybe Arizona.

The roads had tumbleweed breezing over them, with some sand dancing over the road with the wind. We were walking on dirt roads too. The sand was reddish, burnt orange with a clay look to it. We were all having a good time, but we did not get much candy. We saw one house and that was the first house on the entire block. Then the houses seemed to disappear and give way to the desert road.

We came up on some tiki torches and extending halfway out of the ground looked like a door. One of the girls spoke up and said who builds lairs like that anymore. They do not exist anymore. We should go check it out. The rest of us said heck no, why would we want to go in there and check it out, so we kept walking to find the next house we could trick or treat at.

JM had his mask halfway up and he was dancing a little bit while we walked. He had a huge smile on his face and we were all laughing. Now I knew what was going on, because my real self, felt like I was watching this play out. Meanwhile my dream self was in the group having fun. Michael Myers was gone, and someone had taken him.

We all were a little worried, but we thought he went out on his own. What happened was we were in a small tunnel walking through. The real Michael Myers came from behind us, and stabbed TM, the fake Michael Myers, through the back. He grabbed his neck and drug him into a dark corner of the tunnel. I knew this because I saw him walk out of the lair and follow us into the tunnel.

Then everyone started to scream with panic, he was standing at the end of the tunnel. He took a couple of the girls and stabbed them and dragged them to the lair. The rest of us ran away we had some injuries. We wanted to run to the hospital. While we were running leather-face came from out from behind a wall and used a chainsaw on JM and took out Freddie Krueger.

We made it to the hospital. The room had two doors in it and the rest of us were guarding them. The room had a teal paint on the walls, and the floors were white. One of us were in the bed with drips hooked up to their arm. Two others were sitting in the corner. Jason (SC), was standing by the bed. Nobody noticed but the real Jason came from behind the curtain, and wrapped the fake Jason up under a blanket and took him out of the room.

A and I were the only two left and we ran out of the hospital. It was dark now and he hopped into a jeep. I watched myself driving down the road with Ann in the passenger seat. Ghost face appeared from behind the jeep and climbed into the back seat. He shoved a knife through the back of my neck and it came out the front. Blood sprayed everywhere and me (the driver) fell into the back seat. The jeep started to swerve everywhere. I saw a metal knife slide under A costume and slit her throat. She was bleeding everywhere.

Then Spider-Man appeared, looked at Anne and said you all are going to be safe. The scene shifted. The jeep came to a stop in front of an apartment complex. It was dusk and the lights on the apartment were on. The other side of the road had a small house, the lights weren’t on. There were two kids sitting there. The little boy was looking at comic books of all the slasher horror flicks, while the little girl was looking at The Spider-Man comic book. The boy stood up and said maybe we can play again tomorrow and he ran across the road. All fear or worry was lifted.

Illustrated by:

Bagus Tri Cahyono - Indonesia


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