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Updated: May 6, 2019

This dream happened the same night as DREAM #42. I often have multiple dreams in one night and will start calling that out.

Two fields were being separated by a wide river, but it was a road too. There was a truck travelling down the pathway and I was behind it. I needed to get around it. Then there were two pontoons behind me pulling out from the field onto the pathway. The truck did a turn and blocked the road. The pontoons wanted to slide under the truck, however they were a too tall to get that to work. The one driver looked at the other and said let’s turn back and not waste the motors.

I walked into the back of the delivery truck. Inside was a large room filled with computer monitors, large screen televisions, computer chairs and aisle ways separating everything. Games were being played on all the stations. In the back row one of the games was needing repair. A guy I work with was working on it and I came back to help. He looked like he was almost done, so I walked up couple rows to check out a basketball game.

The game had old school legend NBA players you could play with. It was a hologram game that did not need virtual reality glasses. You could play with the players like they were on the court with you. It was half court five on five. I stepped in and one of the players was talking smack. The guy passed me the ball, one other player came up and picked him. I drove to the net and passed the ball off and the guy scored. I told them I could not play anymore I was out of shape and my shoe had a knot in it. I tried undoing the knot, but every-time I touched the laces the knot became worse.

The boss came around and said the games were closing down at six and it was time to go. I left to go to a restaurant to order some breakfast.

Once I had breakfast I got into a car. One of the hologram players was in it with someone else in the back seat. A girl I went to high-school with was driving and someone else was in the passenger seat. I was stuck in the middle back row. We wanted to listen to music, so we had to rig up an old school CD player. I had to find the audio video cables to hook into the t.v. mounted in the back of the head rest. I did that and the show started to play.

We pulled into a gas station to get gas. I left the car and walked to a back alley. There was a back door and I was hungry, so I walked in. It was the same restaurant as I went to before I got into the car. I ordered breakfast again.

Illustrated by:

Bagus Tri Cahyono - Indonesia


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