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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

This dream occurred between 10:30 pm – 10:50 pm. I typically do not fall asleep this fast but quick turn around time. I know this because I was up for almost an hour after it happened.

I was looking for my dog at my parent’s house. The area was familiar since I grew up there. I walked through the front door and the house was pitch black. The walls had a light grey hue to them with white trim being noticeable. No other colors stuck out. I walked through the living room and noticed McDonalds in the living room. The house was the same as it was when I grew up except for where the McDonalds bag was sitting. There was a small bar top in the corner and that had the food on top of it.

I bought the bag of food for my mom in the morning, however she had not eaten it yet. The bag was still warm which I thought was odd since it was dark now. Brutus ran behind me and I turned to catch him. I couldn’t see him he was already gone.

I walked to the door that went into the garage. I looked out and the door was open. I tried closing it but seemed like something was in the way of the sensors. I hit the close button again and the door closed. I turned around and the addition to the house was midnight black. You couldn’t make out anything in that room. The kitchen and living room remained dark, with the light grey and trim coming through. Outside was as dark as the addition was.

My dad was laying on the ground trying to peak around the hallway corner. There was one flashlight down the hallway. My brother was laying down too, and we were unable to tell what the light was. I laid down and tried looking down the hallway. I inched closer to be able to peak passed the wall. Then I felt this weight lay right next to me. I couldn’t see the face behind the pillow, but I could feel the weight on the back of my legs of something being there. I turned back and saw a pitch black leg resting on my legs and then I was woken up by two lightning strikes in the dream.

Illustrated by:

Ryan Tavarez - Michigan, USA



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