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Updated: May 18, 2019

This was a restless night. I had five dreams and some-how they all tie together. A little odd for me.

DREAM A This dream had the feel of being in the 40s or 50s. I was in the street and it had quite a bit of junk in it. Behind me was a track going around a high school football stadium. It had to be Texas or somewhere they worship football, because it was a large stadium shaped like The Coliseum. There was a small room off from the road that looked like science was being taught. The sky had a purple, pink, orange haze to it. It was stunning to look at, and gave a calm to the atmosphere.

I looked over and a brunette lady in a white, and black polka dot dress was dancing in the street. She was carrying a squirt bottle and it was filled with a clear liquid. She was dancing around and squirting anything dirty. The dirt would come right off from the metal junk surrounding the street. I asked her what that was because it seemed to work like nothing I had seen before. She sprayed it on my hands, and I could clean them too.

I smelled the liquid but I could not figure out what the ingredients were. I walked back to the science room.

A former bank lady I worked with was up in front of the class. She had the eight planets on the board. I walked in and told her, this pink, orange, purple haze is because of the mysterious ninth planet and walked back out.

(It is now I woke up. I remember looking at the clock and it read 1:12. I also remember saying to myself how can I remember this dream. There are parts I left off since I was unable to remember all of it.)

DREAM B I am in a bowling alley now. A lady I work with was in the corner and my parents were behind me. There was a desk over in the corner with a hamster on it. I thought to myself I had to find a paper and pencil so I could start writing down parts of the dream I had before I woke up.

I start writing down different notes of the dream with the pencil and paper. It was blurry because the pencil was not sharp at all. I look behind me and there were two black electronic typewriters. I knew how to use them however I didn’t and kept writing. We were going to be gone for the weekend, so I felt bad for the hamster and wanted to make sure he was fed.

I walked over to him and he had a fat little belly. I saw some cigars on the desk and some food. I gave him a couple dried carrots and some hamster food and left.

(I believe this part was a different dream or it could be tied in not 100% sure.)

I hopped in my truck and started to drive home. While driving, I keep writing down notes from the first dream because I want to remember as much as I can about it. I had to swerve a couple times to avoid an accident.

(This was another one I was unsure if it was separated from the bowling alley or all one in the same.)

I am on top of a hill and see Brutus chasing a bunch of rabbits. He looks like he is having fun but is making it very hard for me to catch him. I keep yelling his name and he is ignoring me. Up and down the hills I follow him and now we are in snow. I finally make a dive and catch him. I carry him in the house and tired from chasing him all over so I lay down and fall asleep.

(Now at this point I am asleep in real life and asleep in my dream)

I start to have a dream about working in an office. In the office the boss needs to make a deal for the company to survive All the office workers are worried they may lose her job.

(I wake, in real life not just the dreams dream. I look at the clock it is now 4:10 am. I think about closing the windows but go to the bathroom and lay back in bed. My alarm is set to go off at 5:30 am.)

DREAM C I end up in an office. A lady is sitting next to me and wondering what is happening in the boss’s room. I look at her and tell her not to worry. I had a dream about this and the owner would make a deal and the company would be saved.

I look around and everyone is cleaning out their desks, they are finding old snacks in their drawers, which is gross and throwing them away. They are cleaning the tops of their desk. They are taking their belongings out to their cars.

I walk around the corner and the owner hangs up the phone. She looks at me and say yes, I just made a deal and we used our cleaning product to make a BILLION-dollar company. The thing is this company was created from the cleaning product that was in the first dream. The lady looked like the first lady in the 1940s or 1950s dream, however she wasn’t. This was clearly back in today’s time.

(Needless to say I was pretty tired that day.)


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