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DREAM #46 - Tazarite Holes

We all were running late I know that. We hopped in the car, and everything went dark and we arrived where we needed to be. I remember being late because I had two pimples on my arms from a long time ago. They were scared up. One of the scars on my arms had the shape of the area we were in.

It looked like a round-about with five outlets from the road. The buildings surrounding the road were small, stone style, two story Spanish looking houses. I walked through one of the doors and inside there was a door leading to a downstairs area.

I went through the door and it closed. It opened to a cave structure. It was all hardened rock with red, orange, copper color. The door closed behind me and I was trapped with seven other people. I looked over and a couple holes appeared in the rock and someone called them tazarite holes. We all ran for the holes in the wall. They were closing fast.

On the other side of the holes there was a rock that extruded out from the ground. Five of us were standing on it and rod iron poles surrounded the rock. The other three people did not make it. The room started to shake, we all were thinking an earthquake was happening. Rocks were tumbling down and a small opening appeared again in the wall. It had a bridge overwalking a cavern that went to nothing.

We crossed over the bridge and I came out the other side. I was wearing a shirt, tie, black pants, slick shoes and a trench coat. I had a buddy with me that I grew up with. We had moved four times in a year. I was a high-end business guy and had movers, taking our things into a nice apartment. They were carrying our things in and also setting everything up for us.

One of the guys carrying my audio equipment in bent the speaker cover. I was mad about that but started to fix it myself. I looked at my buddy and told him it is great to move when you do not have to do much of the work. I took out a wad of cash and tipped the guys.


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