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DREAM #47 - Kickball Tunnels

In my back yard growing up and the neighbors had their sprinkler system on. We did not know why they were on since nobody was home. I walked back to a wooded area located in their back yard. It had about a foot of standing water. We went and found a shutoff wrench so the water would turn off.

Once the water was off my brother took a gardening shovel and took off. I do not know where he went.

It was time for the kickball game in my back yard. I would say there was about thirty people in the field and one of the players was up to kick the ball. He launched it. The ball was blue and looked like a pin cushion grandma would use to put needles in. I remember diving for the ball and catching it with my left hand. Everyone cheered.

The next kid was up. I would say he was about eight years old, scrawny, blonde hair, and wearing blue overalls. He kicked the ball, line drive down third base line. Four or five kids chased after the ball and it kept going. He rounded third base with no problem and touched home for a home run. They still did not have the ball in from the outfield so he decided to run the bases again. I remember dropping a couple F bombs as he rounded third again for another home run.

T.V.s started popping up in the outfield. Large screen t.v.s They looked like the old picture tube t.v.s with a glass screen on front, but were as thin as LCD t.v.s. My cousin said he needed to return the t.v. he had since the power up potion that the dog was to use wouldn’t work properly. I had to go through the options on the new t.v. and see if the power up potion listed on the t.v. would work with the dog. I found it within the settings and it was green. That was the color needed for the game he was playing with his dog.

The ball from the outfield finally came back into play. I grabbed it and took it to the mound. The mound had a hole in it about was 24” wide. I laid down and stuck my head in the hole. My brother had been crawling on his stomach slowly digging tunnels to somewhere. The tunnels were circular, and already had concrete walls, with concrete pillars. It was maybe 36” high but was all the way over to the neighbor’s yard.


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