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DREAM #48 - Gorilla's Swimming

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

We were driving down a mountain and traffic was getting heavy. I was in the left lane and wanted to get to the right lane, but it traffic kept forcing me over. Looking down over the road, a haze was appearing further down the mountain. Cars were crashing left and right and four or five semi-trucks were sprawled across the road. The haze was dropping snow on that section of the mountain. A and her car could get passed the accidents and far enough down to avoid the snow and icy conditions.

I was in the truck and a lot of other drivers were not able to move, traffic was at a stop. A few of the drivers had trucks and horse haulers in tow. I was talking to one of the guys and he was going to head back to the top of the mountain. I hitched a ride with him. He had his wife with him and his sister. They turned around and he floored his gas pedal.

We started going up the mountain. Looking down we were going up an eighty to ninety-degree slope. Our tires were riding the corner of the mountain and it was straight down. Zero chance for error, the jagged edges were flying by as he continued to gun it up the steep climb.

We arrived at the top of the hill and it had a few mansions sitting there. The sun was shining and the trees were green. The houses were white with large windows and trimmed in maple wood. The grass was green. I turned around and in the cul-de-sac was a gorgeous pond. It was quite large, and had no waves in it. It looked like glass, with a slight hint of green and silverfish look to it. Out of nowhere gorillas started to get in the water and walk to the other side of the pond. They were bigger than any of us standing there watching them. One had shiny black hair and with a hint of silver. A few others were just as large as he was. It was an amazing sight. Once most of the gorillas were in the water, a caveman came out and slowly got in the water.

I looked at him and got as close as I could to him. I said they may attack you if you swim out any further. One of the gorillas swam over to him with his mouth open. The guy swam calmly and the gorilla got on his back and the guy swam him around. The two were having fun.

Illustrated by:

Ryan Tavarez - Michigan, USA



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