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DREAM #49 - Green Ferrari bus

We were in a park and ride lot which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. The parking lot had plenty of cars in it, mostly old run down cars. There was one green Ferrari parked there. It had the look of a Ferrari but the cab could hold seven to eight people.

Anne was with me, Kyle and a few other people but I do not know who they were. We were going to drive the Ferrari, but not sure how because we didn’t own it. Kyle went to get in one of the older cars. It was beige and had some rust in it. If he was going to drive he had to show us he could park the car between the lines. He got in the car and tried turning into the lines, but he was way off. I walked over to the car and told him to get out and ride with us. He was too high to be driving anything.

We all opened the doors and got into the Ferrari. Once inside the car was like camper trailer vehicle. There wasn’t a lot of space but it had more room than a Ferrari normally would. The interior was green with brown in it. There was curtains on the windows and small mini bar in between the car seats. I hit a button and a door opened and the bar lifted from the floor. It allowed you to get the glasses and special addition bourbon in the car. I hit the button again to close it down, but I did not arrange the glass properly so it didn’t close. I hit the button again and the bar lifted again. I tried putting the glass in the bar again but it once again didn’t close. I hit the button a third time and a mini robot drove out from it.

The robot was a security guard for the car. He was rolling at us and started shooting mini guns from his chest. He had six of them. Three on the left side and three on the right side. He ended up shooting one of us and he turned the corner and started to go after the rest of us.


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