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Updated: Mar 31, 2019

I heard a noise outside because we were sleeping with the window open. I look out in the yard and the boat is still there. I look down, there is a couple red neck looking guys. They are carring shotguns. One has red hair with a beard and I can't see the other guy since he is under the wall of the house.

They look like they are trying to break in, and have no clue that I see them. I look down with my AR loaded, and tell them it is probably a mistake to try breaking in. The red hair guy looks up and points his .22 at me and lets a couple rounds off and misses. He back tracks into the yard, and yells at his partner to break the window.

The partner breaks the window and runs into the house, and so does the red hair guy. I hear them coming up the stairs, so I push the dresser against the door. The house is configured different, and the one guy with red hair gets in. I hit him with the butt end of the gun and knock him out. The other guy has a tight white shirt on and tries running at me. I tap one round off and it goes into his chest, but no blood. I tap one more round off, but no blood. The guy does the movie acting death scene where he breathes heavy and passes out onto the ground.

I finally hear the cops coming. They enter the house, and are wearing the super trooper staches. It is two guys I work with, but they are cops now. They arrest the guy with red hair, and we end up at the dinner table four hours later.

We are talking about old times, and I ask them did you get the dead body. They said what? I told them yes I shot a guy and he is still in the bedroom. Then we hear coughing and the guy is downstairs outside crawling away, still alive and breathing. They run downstairs laughing that they didn't realize there might have been a dead body.


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