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DREAM #50 - Stout Beer Soup

PREFACE: This dream was all over the place. It was off the wall, and unlike some other dreams there didn't seem to be anything common in the scenes.

There was a car spinning out of control in a parking lot. The concrete looked white and the walls were foggy and grey. The guy in the car was shooting, but somehow me and another guy jumped on the car. Once we got on the car we grabbed the gun and pull it out of the guy’s hand. He got out of the car and ran across the parking lot and faded into the distance.

I walked through some doors and ended up in a class room. I didn’t see a teacher but the room had a white floor, and the walls were grey and hazy like being viewed from your peripheral vision. Desk were in the middle of the room and I would say about ten of them. They were double tables that would seat two chairs. Most of the seats were full except one table. I sat at that table. One girl came over and sat down next to me. She looked at me and mumbled something but was unable to make it out. She stood up and walked away.

I looked across the room and a girl I use to work with was over in the corner. She looked at me, smiled and put her index finger up in the air. In my dream that was sign language for hello. Another girl I use to work with walked in the room. She looked pale and sick. She stood in the middle of the room and told people that an outbreak of warts was happening. That we all should take our melted wax and add an herb to it. Once we have that we can coat the wax on our lips and it will fix the outbreak.

I had a tube of the wax in my pocket. It had a lid on it and I wanted to use it. I flung the lid off, it hit the desk and bounced off the front edge of the table. I looked over at the girl in the corner, kicked the lid back onto the table with my foot, and put up my index finger. The teacher looked at me and said I should not be telling anyone to F off. She said the kicking motion changed the index finger from hello to F off.

She called for lunch. We all stood up and went into the dining area. Table clothes were over the tables and no food was on the table yet. We went into the kitchen and one of the guys I work with was named R, but I kept calling him T. He said he had not ordered food yet.

Once we ordered food started to come out to the dining area. My wife and I ordered beef stew, but I wanted to taste her soup. I thought the one bowl was hers so I took my spoon and dipped it into the soup. I sipped the spoon and felt a cold sore on my lip. I walked out to the dining area and put my spoon on her plate, or so I thought. It was another person’s plate so I felt bad that they might get a cold sore.

They used a stout beer to cook some of the soup and food in and it increased the flavor. It was an old western way to cook. The beer was fermented lightly into a dark stout and then added as flavoring. They put the left-over beer in a tin which was bitter. They added a cream to a poured glass which sweetened it up some. It tasted like a very light Coke or Pepsi. The wife wanted to taste some but they were out.


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