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DREAM #51 - Getting Shot at going to work

This was one of the dreams I tried writing down a couple days later. It shows that the dreams can be very vivid, but loss of detail happens.

I was debating on going to work or not. I got in my car and the wife was next to me. We started to drive south toward where I worked. It looked like a major construction zone. The roads were surrounded by farm buildings, and large silos. The silos were bright white and stood tall. Some of the other buildings were rectangular and white as well. The roads were destroyed and all that was left was dirt roads.

The dirt was so compact one of the roads had a dirt bridge over water. The construction crew was all over the area. They even had blue fences up that stood about 10-12 feet high. I took a right but was cut off by a large bull dozer pushing more dirt. I looked at the wife and told her guess I do not need to go to work today.

I managed to turn the car around and I was ready to turn left. In the time that I was cut off by the bulldozer and turned around the road I came in on was torn up and moved. Only a valley was there now and the workers started to lock up the fencing. I turned right since that was my only direction I could go. One of the workers, wearing a blue one piece repair guys suit, with long hair and a beard looked at me with a smile on his face. I asked him where I could go to get out of this mess and all he said was Quartz street was open then laughed and walked away.

I went to drive south however some people were down that way. The houses were super run down too, and as soon as my car crossed over a dirt hill I heard a gun shot.


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