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DREAM #52 - Watching Big Lick Kentucky and fighting Vader

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

I am not sure if this was two different dreams since the content varies so much. I felt like they were the same, so I will present it as such.

I was in a circular room with my brother and a couple of other guys I grew up with. We were watching live wrestling. One lady asked us how real wrestling was, we knew it was scripted so we told her that. I ended up letting her know that even though it was scripted wrestlers can still get injured.

She didn’t believe me so I had to pull out Sid Vicious. I showed her the Youtube video of him jumping off the rope and landing, once he landed his leg blew out and he fell to the mat, writhing in pain. She couldn’t believe it.

The bell rang and a new wrestler I have never seen before came out. He was about 6’8”, with a red beard, and curly red hair. His chest was massive and the guy looked bigger then Braun Strowman. He had the initials of B. L. K. I can’t remember what it exactly spelled out, but the announcer said something like Big Lick Kentucky was his name.

The guys I grew up with started attacking me, so I wrestled them to the ground. One pulled a gun on me, but I was able to tie him up enough and slowly turn the gun toward his chest. He had a knife, but I didn’t see it. My brother ran over and tied up that arm. The gun ended up going off and I won the match.

We walked outside to get in our cars, but there was about 15 – 16 inches of snow on the ground. The ladies next door jumped in their ride and started to warm up their car. The parking lot was covered in ice, so I was helping to push people out into the road. Once everyone was gone, I got in my car and went down the highway.

I looked over and a guy was driving this old light, baby, blue car. He had blood stains from the backseat to the dashboard. I kept driving until I got to my destination. I pulled up to a spaceship in the desert. Out came Vader, Phasma and some storm troopers. We started fighting, but I was destroyed very quickly. They left me for dead until some people found me and took me across the board to their ship. They thought I was going to die, but I woke up. All my wounds had been healed.

Some of them were laughing and giggling telling me that I did not have any force. I looked at some of the cargo under the ship, I waved my hands back and forth, and the boxes flew through the air to behind the ship. Everyone looked at me and got in line behind me and we marched back up to the ship. Once again Vader came out.

We fought with our sabers until he knelt over and couldn’t fight anymore. Phasma was gone and we were free from them. I let Vader get up to go back in the ship. One of his guys wanted Phasma’s outfit, but he said NO!. She will need it again once she has been regenerated.

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Instagram@romeyart - West Virginia, USA


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