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DREAM #53 - Bowling Tournament with some Bud Light

I looked over and saw my truck. I obviously was not driving it since I was a passenger in another vehicle going down the freeway. It looked like my brother was driving it, so we followed it until the truck went into a parking lot.

I jumped out and saw my brother and dad get out. My brother walked into the building but my dad came over to say hi. I looked in the truck and asked what the hell did you let him drive for. I knew he would dirty the truck. I look in the back seat and there was papers all over, crumbs, two peanuts and a quarter on the floor of the back seat.

My dad said it is fine that it wouldn’t be that hard to clean. He jumped in the driver seat and I jumped in the passenger seat. He slammed the truck in reverse and we just need to go a mile up the road. I told him to drive forward but he kept reversing it. I looked back and four or five kids were in the road, and I told him to look out. I do not think he saw them so I jerked the steering wheel. He yelled at me and said never touch the wheel while he was driving, but we didn’t hit the kids.

We pulled into a spot between two buildings and it was dark. We got out and I saw my backyard from when I was a kid. I looked in the back yard and it was grown over high and needed a mow. The yard had the small white flowers in it, dandelions and the hillybilly weed you see country boys walking around with in their mouth.

I walked further to the back yard and two puppies came up a hill and a baby deer was between them. The deer followed me to the front of the house, so I took him inside. I grabbed a towel and showed my mom he could play tug of war. He acted just like a little puppy, so my mom wanted to keep him.

I took off and went to the bowling alley. I was in a tournament and was bowling on lane fifteen and sixteen. It looked similar to the lanes I bowl at now except the bar was open instead of having a door too it. J.J. was bowling on my lane and a couple older ladies were there too. We were in the practice round and he slid one of the t.v.s toward the pins to show he could get a strike with the scoring monitor. Everyone laughed when it hit the pins. We pulled the t.v. back and told the owner we were just joking. He laughed.

We started the tournament and I went to the bar to get some beer. Brock Lesnar was sitting at one of the tables and I asked him if he wanted one too. He said yes absolutely. He was just hanging out wanting to hide from the fame and be a regular guy. The bar tender grabbed the bud light, but instead of giving us the bottles he poured them into a flower vase. I kept thinking to myself what the fuck is this shit, but paid for them and took them out to the lanes. Brock started laughing and I told him not to kill the messenger.

In the third frame lanes started to slow down and stop. We kept trying to figure out what was going on, but since the lanes were new we were unable to. One of the ladies that worked at the lanes pulled up some old hand written documentation saying some of these people have been black listed from log ago, and it was right in in the ledgers. I told her no that is not what is happening. All these lanes run a self-diagnostic every-time a ball is thrown down them. The bandwidth of the current internet connection couldn’t handle the lanes doing that, so I had to stop bowling in the tournament.

The owner and I agreed I would run to Best Buy and get the equipment to update the system.


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