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DREAM #54 - This was all a Video Game

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

The room was sealed off except for one door that was tiny. It was like a small miniature door you would use if you were 12 inches high. The room had a glow to it similar to what a fireplace gives off when it is going. The red brick was glowing with yellow and orange hues and only one piece of furniture was in the room. It was a desk with some paperwork on it.

I was in the room looking at the desk. I noticed golden coins on the desk. One side of the coin had a bridge on it and the other side had a rhino head on it. I looked up and the rhino was in the room with me standing on two legs. It was Rocksteady. I needed to figure out how to beat him. I ran out of the small door.

I kept thinking how can I beat this guy. I looked at my level up meter and my power is well over seven hundred below his. I hopped onto a blue bike and my power meter jumped up. I thought to myself just keep getting blue bikes. I found over five hundred blue bikes and stuck them into my power meter. Once I compared my power meter to his I was at 1250 and he was at 920. I went in for the attack.

I walked forward or in this case since I was in a scrolling game to the right. I was taller then anything on the screen and started to release bikes at him. He was distracted and kept losing power. I had to move up to another one of the bosses and released bikes at him. Since I kept losing bikes I was shrinking as well. I finally beat him and went down to my normal human size. I walked into a parking lot that had parking fences up scattered throughout. It felt like it was a maze. I had very little power left and I had to beat a black blob that was roaming throughout the structure.

I walked forward and the blob was chasing me. I kept launching fire at him and he would blob and eat it, so it was not hurting him at all. I couldn’t figure out how to beat this guy. I kept running through the maze. I noticed at the far end of the parking structure one blue wall section. I ran toward it and leaped over it. That teleported me out of the maze. I didn’t have to beat the blob, I just had to find a way around him.

I teleported to a camping structure. My buddy E and his brother P were there. A small fire was in front of us. P kept saying how he caught this enormous fish, but we had our doubts. E called him out and said he saw a cooler and on the cooler was a hat. In the hat there was a name and it was not Ps name. The name in the hat, with the cooler of fish, was LIL FIZ. We were making fun of him claiming he caught this big fish, when we all new it was LIL FIZs fish. I asked P if he would ever go fishing in the small boat out in Florida. He said heck no, gators would get him.

Near the camp was a small house. A lady was inside and she had a pizza on the counter. The pizza looked good but she said the pizza place wouldn’t deliver to her anymore until she could prove she could eat hot pizza. She always ordered it barely warm vs. hot. She had heating lamps on the pizza so it would warm up. P liked this lady but thought she might be to aggressive for him, so he was trying to keep her from becoming a stage five clinger.

I turned around and there was a small fridge with some drinks in it. The top of the fridge was a warmer and the bottom was a cooler. I asked why she didn’t put the pizza in the top, she did not answer. I grabbed some drinks and went into the hot tub.

The lady saw us all in the hot tub and she came in and went right at P like a shark. He said I told you all she was aggressive.

Illustrated by:

Bagus Tri Cahyono - Indonesia


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