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DREAM #55 - Werewolves with hairy human faces

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

I was in a Best Buy looking around. The store was mostly glass and had some signage around. The signage was yellow, being hung on the wall with plastic suckers, or hanging in the windows. The store had gondola’s filled with product throughout. On the outside of the glass there was a wooded scenery. The woods were in line and the trees looked like buttress roots creating rows in between the trees.

I looked out into the woods and I saw some movement. It looked like a shadow ran from one row to another off in the distance. I didn’t think anything off it and kept shopping. I looked back out in another row, and saw two or three shadows run across the row. The shadows kept increasing in number and they were slowly getting closer. I felt we were getting ready to be under attack.

Our community had created this Best Buy to restore some sense of normalcy since we were in an apocalypse scenario. We would allow people to pretend buy the items we had left in the store, use them for a little while and then return them. This allowed others to be able to shop for that same item and feel like they were really shopping at a Best Buy. I felt danger to this way of life now the shadows were advancing toward the store.

They started charging toward the store. They looked like werewolves running toward our community. They were gray, black and hairy. They had a muscular frame, and faces looked a lot like human faces, just with hair on them. They had teeth like chimpanzee and they were showing them as they ran toward us.

I was in a panic now and started to get people together to escape out the back. I had to find the one scope we had left in the store. We would need it to start shooting them at a distance. One of my friends climbed up toward the ceiling and I thought the scope may be up there. There was a wall, created from three plastic signs stacked on each other. I started to climb it slowly since it was flimsy. I think she had the scope, so I needed to get it and give it to our leader.

The second in command was crazy and did not believe we were in danger. She had her guards pull me down. I let her know of the attack and she didn’t believe me. She told me I would become her servant. She slapped handcuffs on me and put a dog choker around my neck with chains.

Once the leader saw this, she immediately had them removed. My friend had come down from the ceiling and gave the scope to our leader. The leader said we need you two to join forces. My friend and I put our hands on each other and we started to blur together. Her husband said it is working, then a big boom went out from us. It was over and I no longer felt our store was in danger.

I saw, RP, a former worker at a gas station. I owed him breakfast, so we walked outside in the bitter cold, snowy storm. I told him we would go up the road, to Frank Jr’s. breakfast shop. Franks had a small hut near the park with only two stools, but he had the best breakfast in town. He grabbed his wife and we all walked to calmly eat breakfast.

Illustrated by:

Ryan Tavarez - Michigan, USA



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