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DREAM #56 - Late for work

We were in a datacenter. It looked like a newer datacenter. White floors, grey walls and the black racks filled the room. We were in a far back corner and kept hearing noises on the other side of the racks. I kept trying to peak through the racks so we could avoid being caught.

A dog was running around and I tried catching him so we could keep him with us and not get caught either. The lights were out for the night and we went to sleep in a bed. I heard a noise and it sounded like a hi-lo was driving up the aisle. The driver couldn’t see us since we were behind a big pylon. We jumped out of bed and started changing our cloths back to work clothes instead of pajamas. The lights went on and other people started to walk around.

One of the guys I bowl with was in the other corner either passed out or drugged. He wouldn’t budge.

I looked up and workers were changing out sections of the roof. They were large circular pieces with connecting corners. The connecting corners were interlocking circles and any openings could be filled easily with more connectors. The seals were air tight and could easily be hooked to a transport helicopter which would be used to carry the building to another area. It helped keep the building stealthy and nobody could find it.

I walked over to the bowler and tapped him on the shoulder. He slowly woke up, still groggy and he didn’t know where he was. I felt comfortable walking around this place but had a feeling I needed to get him out. He was in danger and I didn’t want him to get caught. He put on his shoes and hat and I told him to follow.

We walked down a set of stairs that had a curve to them. Right at the bottom he saw a door and started to run for it. I told him to wait, I saw a keypad on the door. I did not know the code, so he would not be able to use that door to leave. We kept walking to the main door. We opened them up and he ran up a hill. I told him not to worry since he was late for work. I looked at my watch and it read 3:02 pm. Once he looked back, I let him know the building would be gone. He said he had to explain to work where he was and I told him he wouldn’t be able to find the building in a couple minutes.


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