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DREAM #57 - Toy Soldier

Updated: May 13, 2019

1st Dream of the night - The small sentence was from the first dream I had this night. I wrote down notes so I could go back and write the full dream out. I did not have time that day and forgot about it. All I have is what is below.

Pennywise, clown mask, couch walking down hallway and black top. Bride was out in front of matts house.

2nd Dream of the night

I appeared in a stretch of wooded area. There were hills, plenty of bushes and sections of trees to hide behind. Small pathways riddle the area making the scene similar to a maze. In my area there were troops walking around and talking. Supplies were scattered over the area, magazines, rifles, handguns, shotguns boxes of ammo, grenades everywhere.

Along the left side, from where I was, a small pathway went forward. The pathway had plenty of foliage for cover. A couple of guys and myself looked at our supply and took some handguns with us. We slowly advanced forward into the pathway. I was not sure how far we walked, but we would hear noises and have to duck behind some trees, hills, larger bushes.

We came to an opening, but we stayed just inside the wooded area. When we peaked out we saw a grey wall, with what appeared to be bleachers coming out from the wall. To the right of the wall was a large hanger door and it was open. The door was dark on the inside. Just to the right of us was a small hill, with a few trees and some brush piles on it. On the other side of the hill you could see a mini structure built from 2” x 4”s. In the bleachers there was a group of kids, with a small number of soldiers scattered throughout where the kids were sitting. It was hard to tell who the soldiers were and who the kids were since they appeared to be wearing similar outfits.

One of the kids saw us move and took a shot at us. I used my scope and zeroed in on the kids head and shot him. We didn’t have a lot of supplies on us, and they didn’t know where the shot came from so we backed off and walked back to our fortified area.

We arrived back at camp and on my left side we had most of the supplies. Our group grabbed what we could and slowly advanced back to our previous position near the small hill. We had supplies everywhere we could stash them behind the hill. Now there were a few more kids and soldiers in the stands. I would guess about 200 people.

One of the soldiers was blonde, with blue eyes, wearing a grey uniform. He saw us and took fire at us. We shot back at him and he went down. That gave our position away. People started to rushing through the hanger door. Instead of two hundred people being in the stands, I would estimate over two thousand people now. They were cheering very loudly. The crowd was very blurry though, almost like the crowds you would see in early video games on super Nintendo or Genesis. Out came four or five guards and a grey car behind it.

The car was a convertible, with white signs hanging from the side. I was unable to read the signs with all of the trees. There was a driver and one man sitting on the back seat of the car. He had a red arm band on his arm and he had a small little mustache. Everyone was cheering. My group spotted movement to the right of us just over the small hill behind the 2” x 4” structure. Three of the guards leading the car moved into position.

While we were distracted by the car some of the kids came over and started to steal some of our weapons. Our cover was blown and with the shots being fired we were starting to run out of ammo. The kids started to charge, but all I had was a bayonet on the end of my gun and sliced one of the kids throats. If I had not done that he would have plunged a knife right into my chest. His throat opened up and blood rushed out. I was able to grab one of his guns as we retreated back to our camp. We were in a hurry to get back there since the car was leading the troops toward us.

Once we got back to camp we realized we were very low on any type of ammo, or supplies to be able to ward off an attack of this many numbers. They started to run into our camp, and started to throw grenades, smoke bombs and flash bangs at us. I took position off to the right.

Our commanders were sitting behind a flip up table, and in front of them were some blood red steaks. A silver cylinder can came rolling at me. I freaked out and instead of breaking the window and tossing it outside, I picked it up and through it back to the left side. I broke down crying, right as I threw it a couple of my crew walked right to where it landed. I saw the explosion and their bodies rip open and fly upwards into the air.

I turned around and wanted to shoot myself, but tried shooting the glass to escape. Come to find out the glass was bullet proof so I would not have been able to throw the cylinder outside. I looked down and saw a table full of steak.

Chaos was erupting, and the commander said I made a huge mistake. I decided to eat the steak. The commander looked at me and said that was poisoned for Hitler. The plan was to get him to eat it so he could be killed. I felt guilty for what I had done, and thought about eating more steak. I decided in the end to pull the steak out of my throat so I could go on.

Illustrated by:

Tadeo Phillips - Rome, Italy


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