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DREAM #58 - (Two Dreams This night) Baseballs and Firecrackers/BINGO and Broken Van

Baseballs and Firecrackers

We were playing baseball in the streets. Home plate was in the middle of the road, first base was a mailbox at the first driveway and second base was the mailbox at the second driveway. We had to cross the road to hit third base and then come home. We were having fun and a couple girls from the neighborhood wanted to play too.

We had about six boys and a couple girls. I took a second to look up from catching the ball and noticed candles were lit in every driveway. The overall feeling was one of fun and good times.

We took out some matches, and started to light small fire crackers. We would light them and throw them into neighbor’s ditches. We were having fun, but it was smoky in the area. We were unable to play baseball anymore since it was hard to breathe. We looked toward our left and one of the ditches started to catch fire from the firecracker.

We all ran up to the house nearest to the end of the subdivision. We went in the garage and closed the garage door. The kid that lived there went into the house with a couple others, but it looked like the mom was yelling at one of the daughters in her bedroom. I decided to stay in the garage.

I looked behind me, and there was a white, rusted, with stainless steel handled refrigerator in the corner. I remember thinking that it had to be forty years old. I heard a car pull up, and took a quick peak through a crack in the garage door. It was the cops. I noticed the kids who went into the house standing out on the deck watching them pull up the driveway.

Feeling a little anxious, I backed away from the garage door. The cops got out of their vehicle and had dogs with them. They looked at the kids on the deck and announced all kids needed to get to their homes now. I opened the door and walked outside toward my house.

I was walking through the yard to get to the road. One cop looked at me and asked if I was twenty. I wasn’t, but just tall for my age. The dogs were sniffing me and my hands to make sure I didn’t light any of the firecrackers causing the fires.

It was still smoky outside, hard to breathe as I walked toward home. I looked up at all the driveways, and the candles were still burning brightly lighting my way.

BINGO and Broken Van

My mom was sitting in the bingo hall playing the game. There were several others playing the game with her. Tables were all set up in the hall. In front of her were two large doors, very well lit, with white paint on the walls. Behind her was glass doors used for entry from the front.

She wanted to leave and the crowd was getting up to do the same. A man came in and looked at her. I noticed him, he had red scruff on his face, with red hair, and blue eyes. My mom walked by him to go toward a white wall back near the exit. My dad and I could not get to her since the crowd packed in trying to get to that exit.

The red hair guy noticed her and started to turn toward that exit. I noticed one guy still sitting down at one of the end tables. I screamed “Hey” toward the red hair guys direction. Once I did, I moved behind the crowd and he looked back at the other guy sitting at the table. He walked up to him as if he knew him and they exchanged words.

I felt like my mom was in danger so my dad and I hurried out back. We couldn’t see her and our white van was parked in a small circular parking lot. There was about eight inches of snow on the ground and snow piles all around.

The van was hard starting, so my dad ran up to it and opened the door. He hopped in and the van took off, he was trying to hit the breaks but they would not stop the van. He opened the passenger side door, but the van kept doing donuts in the parking lot. There was one telephone pole in the middle of the lot too, which made me feel like I didn’t want to jump toward the inside of the van. I jumped in the van, but could not get the door closed.

The van kept doing donuts, and the force pushing outwards was too much. I was headed for the pole and would have been crushed, so I abandoned the attempt and ran over to one of the snow banks. My dad was unable to gain control of the van. It started to go straight out of the parking lot to the main road. He jumped out and pulled some black cables, located on the side of the van, going to the front wheels.

When he did that the van lost all of its power and forward momentum. The van lurched toward the intersection and slowly rolled across the road and barely missed an oncoming truck.


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