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Students are down in the audience area and the six teeth, elders if you will, are up on stage in a theatre hall. You can see one of them, barely, but you can make out a black and red cape. They were talking about how we graduated with our first tooth. These jobs are reserved for people like accountants, basic jobs in the environment. Earning more teeth lets you move up in society. Very few people have six teeth.

We turn left and start walking through a hallway up the stairs to an open area. A girl I know from high school is there, however we are in a college atmosphere. She sits down and falls asleep. I am so tired, and without a pillow, I collapse with exhaustion and my head lands on her leg. Which is good since I didn't have a pillow.

We both wake up in our dorm house. We have about twelve people living in there with us. Brak from Space Ghost is there, but he doesn't have all his color. His color has not been drawn in yet, so all you can see is his mane. Then Brak is talking to He-Man, however he doesn't have his muscles drawn in yet. They are talking about what powers we need to secure the dorm house, fire and wind came across as ideas.

While they are doing that, I am looking at why the sliding glass door not shutting properly. The rear adjust needs to be adjusted up so the top of the slider closes properly. I am inspecting it and it looks dirty near the top, from all the water, rain that has been leaking in.


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